Mikheil Temuri

Onyani Bratva Vor


As the police and court system were re-established in the Soviet Union shortly after the 1917 revolution, the NKVD secret police nearly exterminated the criminal underworld completely. Under Stalin, the forced labor camps (Gulag) overflowed with political prisoners and criminals, and a new organized group of top criminals arose, the vory v zakone, or “thieves in law.”

The “thieves in law” formed as a society for ruling the criminal underworld within the prison camps, “who govern the dark gaps in Soviet life beyond the reach of the KGB”. They adopted a system of collective responsibility, and swore to a code of “complete submission to the laws of criminal life, including obligations to support the criminal ideal, rejection of legitimate employment (must support oneself through criminal enterprises) and refusal to participate in all political activities.”

After the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, the vory assumed a leading role within the Russian criminal hierarchy. The group was able to infiltrate the top political and economic strata while taking command of the burgeoning crime network that spread murderously through the post-Soviet countries.

Mikheil Temuri is a survivor of the Soviet gulags and the Bitch Wars. He’s and old tough son-of-a-bitch and his bratva in Marseilles muscled the Unione Corse out of the Heroin trade and have run it ever since.

Mikheil Temuri

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