Natalia Rakhlin

Техническая поддержка


Background: Hacker/Black Bagger/Wire Rat
“Previous” Patron: GRU
Drive: Collector

Stability 4
Health 4

Academic: Accounting, Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, History, Languages (Russian, French, German, English, Ukranian, Arabic), Military Science, Research, Vampirology

Interpersonal: Streetwise, Tradecraft

Technical: Astronomy, Chemistry, Cryptography, Data Recovery, Electronic Surveillance, Forgery, Notice, Photography, Traffic Analysis, Urban Survival

General: Conceal, Cover, Digital Intrusion (Cryptography), Disguise, Driving, Filch, Hand-to-Hand, Infiltration (MOS, Open Sesame), Mechanics (Swiss Army Prep), Medic, Network, Preparedness, Shooting, Surveillance, Weapons

Stability: The Firebird (symbol), Oksana Rakhlin (solace), House on the Lake (safety)

Network Contacts:


“Allo? … Da, zdyes. Slow down, Sergei… what?”

“Nyevozmozhno. That’s impossible. There is no such thing as—”

“… bozhe moi.”

It isn’t possible. They don’t exist. But neither do we— no one would claim us, if we were caught or killed. (Or worse.) A dangerous project.

The weaponized disease was bad enough, but some of that experiment… got away, as such things do. Now it falls to us to try to find it, find them, and bring back to Rossiya-Matushka her terrible children. She burns her best finder and her best killer to drag them home.

We have almost died before, and for less interesting things. What’s one more operatsia?

Natalia Rakhlin

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