Operation Vozrozhdeniye

Scene One
Car chase in Krakow, Poland

[Fade in on KRAKOW skyline. Mid-day. Overcast skies, light snow. Pan across serene streets, people going about their business. From the left zooms a CHERRY RED FERRARI; people scatter. NAVY BLUE SPORTS CAR is in hot pursuit.

Zoom to NAVE BLUE SPORTS CAR. Two women in front: NATALIA is driving, NATASHA is loading her gun.]

Get me in close, I shoot out tires.

[The CARS approach a bridge over the WOLA RIVER. NATASHA fires her pistol and hits the rear driver tire. FERRARI doesn’t slow down.]

Not so fancy now, eh?

NATASHA reaches for a grenade.]

No, Natasha, put it down.

CARS roar across bridge, getting air. Two streets down a SNOWPLOW is heading toward the same intersection. NATASHA fires her pistol again, hitting the trunk. Third shot misses.

NATALIA swerves out of the way of the SNOWPLOW and draws even with the FERRARI. BODYGUARD DRIVER points an MP5 out the window and sprays the side of the BLUE CAR with bullets; NATASHA and NATALIA are not hit.

Zoom ahead to construction zone: signs block the road. FERRARI smashes into them. There is an explosion; FERRARI is flipped end over end into a nearby park. BLUE CAR swerves easily around the giant hole in the ground and squeals into the park as NIKOLI LIMROVICH crawls from the wreck. BRIEFCASE is thrown onto the sidewalk.

NATASHA jumps from the speeding car and tackles NIKOLI to the ground. He is knocked prone. NATASHA pistol whips him across the face. Twice.

NIKOLI gets his gun up and shoots NATASHA at point blank range in the stomach. Blood sprays all over his white suit.

NATALIA approaches the BRIEFCASE and stares at the ticking numbers. She begins to fiddle with it. The numbers tick down. NATALIA disarms the bomb.

NATASHA drives her thumbs into NIKOLI’S eyes. NIKOLI screams and pulls the trigger on his gun, spraying the area with bullets. Nobody is hit.

SIRENS sound in the distance, POLICE are on their way.

NATALIA grabs NATASHA’S arm and pulls her away.]

We have to go

Whore! I’ll find you!

[ NATASHA and NATALIA speed away in the car. NATASHA presses a rag to the bullet hole in her chest.]

What happened to the bomb?

It’s not going to explode.

You keep it?

Well… Yes.

[Fade to Black]



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